The Giclee Printing Process

Giclee (pronounced “Gee-clay”) from the French verb gicler meaning ‘to Squirt’, referring to the process in which the ink is laid down on the paper, has many advantages over other print making methods. For example, each piece is individually produced allowing you to order one reproduction at a time if desired, so the artist is not obligated to finish an edition. You can order prints as needed without large up-front costs and storage problems associated with offset lithography. This allows you to test the market with a new idea or image. Giclee printing affords you more control of your career by giving you the ability to start self-publishing fine art reproductions in modest quantities.

Giclee Reproductions

Are the perfect medium for established and emerging artists, allowing you much better control of your cash flow. You can order just one reproduction to mount and frame as a display piece and then order more as the orders come in. The technology provides incredible detail and brilliant colour. The resolution (DPI or dots per inch) is actually higher than traditional lithography which results in crisp contrast with rich, intense colour.

All Reproarts Giclee Prints are produced on archival quality watercolour papers and canvas, much like the original painting. This gives each piece a similar look and feel to an original work of art. Since the quality is superior to all other printmaking methods you can command a higher per unit selling price for the prints, resulting in higher profits. The mediums we use are acid free and are treated for use with the Giclee inkjet process and produce brilliant velvety colour. Lightfast estimates of pigment ink Giclees by third-party testing indicate over 75 years with no noticeable fade.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Are Giclee prints cost effective?
Since the initial investment in a Giclee edition is minimal, the artist can take more risks to find out what is acceptable to the market and will sell. This flexibility allows the artist more creative freedom and help prevent costly mistakes.

Are there any limits to the size of my order?
You can order from one to any amount as and when you require them.

What about copyright considerations?
Reproarts does not allow any images to be printed without the artist’s explicit permission. We will keep an archived copy of your image exclusively for the production of your edition.

What is the expected life of a Giclee print?
The most important fact to remember is that all colour fades. As far as Giclee prints are concerned, some original watercolours and most lithographs will fade faster than a well made Giclee. Unlike other printing processes, Giclees have undergone extensive, third-party fade-testing. While the predicted display life depends on many variables, under typical home or office lighting Giclees made with pigmented inks are estimated to last over 75 years without noticeable fade. Reproarts shall not be responsible for any damage to the prints they produce from improper handling or from exposure to extreme environmental conditions.

What happens during the reproduction process?
The artist will supply the original/s they want to be reproduced. A high quality scan is produced from the original/s up to A2 size or from a photographic transparency up to A0 size. Colour correction and adjustments are made to match, as closely as possible, to the original supplied. Then, an initial proof will be printed on an A3 sheet of the final paper/canvas choice you have made.

How accurate is the colour?
The resolution and colour can be brilliant and is superior to other methods of art reproduction. However, you must be aware that due to the limitations of process inks, some colours fall outside of the printable colour spectrum. During the proofing process we work closely with you to achieve the look and feel in the print that is the most appealing and closest to the original as possible.

Do Giclee prints require special care?
We recommend that you treat your Giclee prints the same as any original piece of art. It should be protected from water and should not be placed in direct sunlight. Giclees should be frame mounted behind glass.

I wish to order reprints, what steps are involved?
Since we will have your images on file no further set-up fee will be required. Simply contact us by email, standard mail or telephone and we can reproduce as many editions as required.